What Are The Pros And Cons Of Water Delivery Services

Getting pure and fresh bottled water delivered to your doorstep sounds like a perfect way to get in your water intake without having to move a muscle. Bottled water home delivery is great, especially if you’re too busy to handle the maintenance of water treatment systems or filters. But are there any downsides to this service? Here is everything you need to know.

Pros And Cons Of Water Delivery Services

Pros Of Water Delivery Services

Here are the benefits of getting water delivered to your home or office.

It’s Convenient

Water delivery services are helpful because you don’t need to commit to anything. You can just decide which company you’re choosing, pick a date and time, and have a specific size of water bottles delivered to your door in a couple of hours or have them delivery a certain quantity every day or every week.

It’s really easy for people who don’t want to fuss with things like water filters, regular maintenance of water softeners, and other things. It’s also great for schools, offices, and even events where there is the absence of water filtration and overall clean and potable water.

There Are Choices

This can be a good or bad thing, depending on the type of person you are. It’s the 21st century and there is variety everywhere you look. The same goes for water delivery services. There are numerous companies that are focused on delivering water timely to your doorstep and that’s a great thing because the load is distributed among different companies and you can get a really good price for the water you’re buying.

Having to choose from a big pool of companies is great because it adds to the competitive element and a lot of companies will lower the price of their water delivery services to make a solid client base for themselves.

On the flip side, there can be a huge disadvantage to having this many options, and that’s the fact that you can get extremely confused as to which company to choose. Not every water delivery company out there is great and there is going to be a huge difference in the quality and dealing of customers, so having a lot of choices can also make things difficult for you.

The Delivery Is Timely

Most water delivery companies, not all of them, have a pretty routine-oriented schedule and they’re pretty good with delivering water on time. This is why water delivery services are considered to be punctual and great for timely water delivery.

Then again, this applies to certain companies and just because a most companies are good at keeping their word, that doesn’t mean that every delivery service company is going to be the same.

You need to do your research when finding the best company for your needs because water is something that you can’t compromise on.

Set The Schedule Yourself

This is also another great thing about water delivery services. Most companies will give you the liberty to set the time and date for water delivery, along with how many times a week you want water to be delivered, and in what quantity and size.

This is a great thing because sometimes, you might need water on a more frequent basis, so it’s good to have a water delivery service on speed dial so that you can get this essential commodity delivered to you, in no time. Setting the schedule once is going to set you up for convenience.

A Lot Of Options

Water delivery services have a lot of options when it comes to water. You might think that it’s weird, but different types of water can be bottled up and delivered to you. It may include:

  • Spring water
  • Well water
  • Purified water
  • Distilled water
  • Mineral water
  • Sparkling water
  • Flavored water
  • Carbonated water

The type of water you choose will vary in price. While there might be some types of water that are good for everyday use, there are also some gourmet kinds of water like flavored, sparkling, and carbonated water that can be used for special occasions. However, these fancy ones may not be as healthy as purified water and other non-fancy options.

Water Tastes Great

The water being delivered by water delivery services has a remarkable taste. There is just something about the taste of bottled water that is loved by everyone. It tastes a lot fresher, and cleaner and there’s no odor or color to it at all that can divert your senses.

It’s pleasing to look at and drinking this water is an experience for the taste buds as well. A lot of the time, tap water can have a specific metallic taste and murky color to it that’s not pleasant at all to look at and drinking it is impossible.

It’s Good For Health

Clean and pure water is good for your health and you shouldn’t compromise on it at any cost. This is why water delivery service is great for people who suffer from diseases and they need clean and purified water at all times, otherwise, the results can be detrimental.

A water delivery service is a great way to get access to clean and potable water, without having to boil or purify it at home. Just crack the bottle open and chug it down.

Cons Of Water Delivery Services

It’s Expensive

Subscribing to water delivery services may be super easy and no-fuss, but these things come at a price. The water being delivered by water delivery services is going to be a lot more expensive than regular tap water even if you attach a filter or a treatment system to it.

There are a lot of overhead charges that can be overlooked and they can add up pretty quickly, especially if you’re having water delivered regularly.

There’s Wastage

Water delivery services are great and all, but they’re not as good for the environment as you think. The water is delivered in huge or small plastic bottles and if you’re using a lot of bottles at a time, then you’re wasting a ton of plastic too. That’s not sustainable for the environment at all and since plastic is not biodegradable, it can be really hard to dispose of when there are limited ways to do so.

This is why water delivery services have had a drop in popularity. However, many delivery services offer big bottles that they take back so they are finding ways to keep their operations eco-friendly to an extent.

The Service Isn’t Always Punctual

Water isn’t something that you should wait around for. That can be the case with some water delivery services and this is why you need to choose a company that’s dedicated and experienced in timely delivering water to its customers.

Water is something that should be present in abundant quantities at all times, but that can’t be possible because of certain things like your water supply being extremely contaminated and impure. This is why a lot of people tend to go for water delivery services. So, you must give a lot of thought before committing to a certain delivery company because not all companies are that good when it comes to water quality and punctuality.


Subscribing to water delivery services has its set of merits and demerits and it depends on person to person whether a drinking water delivery service Erie suits their needs or not.