How To Remove Bacteria From Water?

Tap water or generally unfiltered water can have all kinds of impurities, which is why you must think of ways to purify tap water so that it’s potable and safe. If you’re considering a whole house water filtration, you should know which one is right for your needs. If your water is tested to have bacteria and other microorganisms, here is everything you need to know about removing bacteria from water.

Removing Bacteria And Microorganisms From Water


If you’re worried that your tap water is not safe for drinking and that there is infestation of bacteria in it, then don’t be because there’s an easy (though time-consuming) way to fix it once and for all. You can boil the water and call it a day.

Boiling is a foolproof way of ensuring that everything in the water, alive or not, gets burned so that you can safely enjoy clean water without fearing the possibility of falling sick. Boiling water is super easy too, but it can be tedious if you want to do it every day, which is why it’s recommended that you boil big batches of water, so that you have safe water on demand.

The mechanism of boiling is the increase in temperature that kills all of the living organisms in the water. It’s simple science, but mind-blowing.

If you want to boil water at home, all you need is a large pot or saucepan that can hold a generous amount of water, so that you can use it throughout the day, and a stovetop. That’s it. Let the water boil until it reaches a rolling and strong boil. This part is necessary because the temperature at this point is what’s going to kill the bacteria. Once it’s been boiling for 2 minutes, turn the stove off and let the water cool. Then, you can safely enjoy the water because it’s going to be free from bacteria.

UV Treatment

This is a more modern way of treating water to ensure that there isn’t anything in the water that can make you sick. UV light is bad for all viruses as well as bacteria, and it’s a great method to employ if you want to make your water bacteria-free without all of the fuss. All you need for this is a UV light stem. This is available in a lot of supermarkets and health food stores and it’s a prodding stem that you can dip into the water. The light from the stem is going to emit UV rays and that’s going to kill all of the bacteria present in the water.

You need to keep the UV light stem in the water for the designated time as mentioned in the instructions and take it out. It’s easy, it’s mess-free, and you don’t need to slave over the stove to make your water safe for drinking when you have this contraption.

Activated Carbon

Another way of making your water clean and safe for drinking is by using activated carbon tablets. Granted, this method works only on certain bacteria, but it does get the job done and if your water is murky too on top of being infested with bacteria, then activated carbon or charcoal is going to suck everything clean and you will be left with water that’s not only clean but super tasty to drink as well.

Activated carbon works like a magnet in the water. It lures all of the impurities and some bacteria inside of it, leaving the water clean. Again, it’s a mess-free way of purifying your water, because not everyone can boil water daily, so it’s good that you have a couple of hassle-free options too.

All you need for this method to work are some activated charcoal tablets. You can easily get them from any store and once you get them, grab a pitcher of water and drop the tablet in it. You’re going to want to read the instructions first, as to what the water to tablet ratio is, but once you get the gist, it’s only a matter of minutes before you can enjoy safe and clean water.


Chlorine is nature’s disinfecting agent and it works wonders for water infested with bacteria too. Chlorination is a very common method that’s been used for years by people to make water safe and clean and the results are pretty promising too.

Chlorine needs to be used carefully though because you don’t want to make your water taste medicated and too much chlorine in the water can not only alter the taste but can lead to issues with the gut and skin too. This is why reading the instructions beforehand is crucial.

Chlorine tablets are widely available everywhere and you can get your hands on them pretty easily. Just like charcoal tablets, you can drop them in your water tank, and the best thing about chlorine is that a little bit goes a long way. So, you can use one to two tablets in an entire water tank and all of the bacteria will be killed without making the water taste weird.

You can also safely use this water for other things around the house like cleaning, washing clothes, bathing, cooking, etc.

Water Filters

Did you know that not all bacteria are microscopic? Sure, you can’t see most of the bacteria with your naked eye, but some kinds of organisms can be easily spotted in the water. So, if you have the same problem, then you can purify your water easily with some mechanical filters.

Yes, there’s no need for you to buy these special tablets or light stems, when you have the good old filters. They’re going to get the job done and you’ll be left with water that’s clean and safe. All you need for this is a water filter that has small meshes to catch minute traces of bacteria when the water goes through it. The mesh size is really important to consider because that’s the main thing that’s going to keep bacteria away from the water.

You can use this filter, just like any other filter, and attach it to your tap, from where your primary water supply is coming. Once the water passes through the filter, you can immediately see the difference and you can even drink this water to confirm the fact further that your water is now free from all sorts of bacteria and organisms.


Ozone is a gas that surrounds the atmosphere, but did you know that it can purify water and kill bacteria too? Well, that’s true. You can treat bacteria-infested water with ozone gas to get rid of bacteria and other microorganisms.

This method of water purification is new and it’s also a tad bit more expensive than other methods mentioned above. It’s usually used in scientific laboratories and for research purposes because using this method can add up over time if you are using it domestically and regularly.


Bacteria and living organisms can mess up your stomach, especially if you consume them unknowingly. This is why knowing methods to purify water and getting rid of bacteria is super important. Use the right water filtration system Meadville to make your tap water safe for drinking.