Signs that Your Water Softener Needs a Replacement

Similar to other elements of houses, eventually, your water filtration system would need to be replaced to make sure it has optimal performance and efficiency. After some time, depending on your usage patterns, water softeners will deteriorate and has to be replaced. When you wait too long to invest in a water softener, you could have water that is the same as the water that will begin to appear.

Your home water softener will work hard every day to make sure that your water will not have high mineral content that leads to plumbing fixtures and damages. You will see stains on your clothes and your appliances will be clogged. Read on to learn more.

Your Water has a Strange Taste

Any time the water develops an off-putting and strange taste, it is an indication that something is wrong with the water. In other cases, it might mean that there are contaminants or chemicals present, and it could mean that you need to replace the water softener already. There is high mineral content in hard water, so it tastes different from softener water. Any taste changes you detect mean that you need your water to be re-tested by a water treatment expert.

Itchy Skin and Dirty Dishes

Your dishes become spotty after they are cleaned, your skin will be itchy and have soap scum and it collects quicker than how usual sinks would. These are signs that you have hard water. In case you have hard water, your water softener is not working how it should.

The issue is that your system is not regenerating soft water like how it used to since it is old and worn down through years of use.

It is Already Old

If you have an old water softener, you might have to replace the water softener. Older systems still regenerate according to the same schedule you could have set 10 years ago, but newer water softeners are supposed to regenerate softener water when you need to. This kind of regeneration is known as demand-initiated regeneration, and it is a lot more convenient for homeowners who do not want to be stuck on a schedule. If your water softener is old, choosing to replace a water softener is more convenient and efficient.

Water Pressure Changes

There are a couple of things that change water pressure, but if you notice that it gradually changes over time, it might be a sign you need a water softener replacement. This happens when calcium and other minerals in hard water will begin to build up in the pipes. While these substances start to accumulate, the water flow in the pipes decreases and lower water pressure. That is because this buildup can be expensive to fix or remove, so it is important to make sure that the water softener is in good condition. You do not want to risk poor water flow in the pipes in the future because there were too many minerals in the water.

Bulky System

Your water system is bulky and can take up a lot of space. If your system is a twin tank, your softener takes up too much room. One cabinet system is initiated by demand and consumes less space, which makes it an efficient option for the home.

Newer systems include salt indicators, better iron removal, and monitoring of water use, which makes maintenance and management easy.

You can use a water test tool to find out your hard water number.

If you need a new whole house water filtration Warren, do not hesitate to contact them anytime.