Signs You Need to Replace Your Water Softener

Water softeners work hard daily to make sure that your water does not have high mineral content that leads to damage and plumbing fixtures, which stains clothes and clogs the appliances. Similar to a water heater and filtration system, the water softener inside your home is not going to last forever without any regular maintenance, repairs, and replacement. If your water softener is past its prime, its efficiency and effectiveness will not be as good in treating water.

If you have been using a whole house water filtration system, you need to be aware of the signs that it is time to replace it. You should read this article until the end to learn more:

There is a Scale Buildup

While you use the water every day, throughout your entire home, in your tub, minerals such as magnesium and calcium, can remain long even after the water evaporates. This process will lead to telltale residue and stains that leave you wanting to use vinegar.

You might also notice a film on the glasses or dishware, even after you do a fresh cycle in your washing machine. You will no longer have these spots and stains when you put a water softener in your home.

Your Water Will Taste Strange

Each time your water will develop an off-putting and strange taste, it is a clear sign that something going wrong with your water softener. There is a higher mineral content in hard water, so it tastes different from softened water. Any changes in taste that you detect could mean that your water should be re-tested by a water treatment expert. After careful and thorough testing, you can point out if your water softener needs replacement or if something else is wrong, such as a contaminant or compound that was not part of it before entering the drinking water supply.

Decrease in the Salt You are Using

After some time, you might realize that your water softener does not require to be filled as often. It could take you a while to see that this change is normally a gradual process.

If you have not decreased how much water you use, you might find that you are using less salt in the water softener. You should know that this is a sign that the softener should be repaired.

For instance, if you normally use one bag of salt monthly and now you need to add one after two to three months, then you might need to have it repaired or checked out.

Strange Odor

Is there a funky smell in your tap water? Is there a slight chemical smell while you shower? Hydrogen sulfide and chlorine are common chemicals that cause your water to have an odor.

In case your water filter cannot handle these chemicals or smells that are lingering in the air, then you might have to replace and upgrade and replace an old water filtration system using a whole house filter.

Water Feels Different

It could sound strange, but one of the ways you can determine whether you need water softener replacement is that the water feels different. If you have used hard and soft water, you might be able to tell the difference. Soft water gives a rich soap lather, whether you are washing in the shower or washing dishes in your sink. In general, soft water has a more pleasant feel and less drying compared to hard water. Hard water makes it more difficult to lather soap on your body.

You will need a water softener system Erie if your water softener is showing these signs.