Signs You Need a Water Filtration System

Drinking water from the water line has to be safe, but how safe is it? There are specific regulations set by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on more than 90 contaminants, which include heavy metals, chemicals, and bacteria in drinking water. These are all set to levels that are deemed safe for any human consumption. However, there are circumstances that can change water quality depending on where you live and where the water is sourced from. In addition, not every water softener system can effectively remove contaminants so you will have better-tasting, safer, and cleaner drinking water.

There are some signs you need to watch out for to determine if you need a water filtration system.

Water Tastes Bad

Even if municipal water systems normally do a great job of removing harmful toxins coming from tap water, the water in some communities tastes bad. Some parts of the country deal with issues regarding taste, like hard water. Your water can become perfectly healthy to consume, but if it has high mineral content or is chlorine-treated, it will have a bad aftertaste.

Water that tastes bad is a common reason for many homeowners to have a water filtration system. If you want to enjoy a refreshing glass of water from your tap, consider a carbon filtration system installation.

The Water is Smelly

This sign is associated with your local public water system – does your water smell like rotten eggs? If the answer is yes, that means there is sulfate in your water. While you continue to consume it, sulfur causes eye irritation and respiratory issues.

Heavy Metals

Heavy metals normally flow into the community water systems. In case your tap water has a metallic smell or aftertaste, it would be best to have it tested out. Some examples can include lead, arsenic, chromium, and lead among other things. If there are high levels of metal, these are toxic and can lead to adverse health effects in all humans. Even if your water utility alerts you to high toxicity levels, there are some instances in history where heavy metal reports were not accurately reported for residents who rely on their tap water to cook and drink regularly.

In case your tap water tastes unpleasant or develops smells over time, you will need a whole house water filtration system. You can contact your local water utility to test your water and find out how many heavy metals and contaminants are in your water.

Your House Was Constructed Before 1986

If the house you live in was built before 1986, there is a possibility that some lead particulates are still leaching into your drinking water from lead-based pipes or lead solder used in sealing joints on the copper pipes. Lead is a popular toxin that will increase the risk of serious health issues and it is mainly harmful to children below the age of 6.

Water is Cloudy

If your water is cloudy and white, this is a sign that you have contaminated water. Aside from it being bad for your health, it is going to have an unpleasant taste as well. The chemicals are going to enter your body through the food you are cooking and your drinking water, which becomes a hazard for anyone who lives in your house.

There is Limescale on Plumbing Fixtures

If you notice a white and crusty substance on your sinks, faucets, tubs, and other plumbing fixtures, you need a water softener.

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