Should I Choose Filtered Water Or Bottled Water

Water is the most basic commodity which is consumed by every person. Getting clean water is important to us because it daily affects our health which is why people use water softeners, bottled water, and water filtration systems. Here is a thorough guide about bottled water and filtered water and how are they different.

Filtered Water

Filtered Water Has No Smell

One of the great things about filtered tap water is that it has no peculiar taste or smell. It literally tastes and looks like water. The water filters used in cleaning out the tap water take out all of the gunk, dirt and even the harmful substances which are present in tap water.

If you are someone who is repulsed by the taste of tap water then you will be glad to know that filtered water has no taste or weird smell.

It Is Healthy For You

Filtered water is a more healthier option than regular tap water. Regular tap water contains a lot of metals and bacteria which can go in your body and can give birth to many diseases like diarrhea and other stomach issues. You don’t want these harmful metals in your body which is why filtering them is a must.

It Costs Way Less

If you really think about it, a water filter is an expensive investment at first, but afterwards, you have clean and filtered water on demand whenever you want it. It might sound expensive and bottled water may seem like a better and reasonable option, but filtered water is cheaper than regular bottled water. Bottled water adds up when you use it consistently.

Maintenance Of The Filter

The only downside to filtered water is that you need to change out the filters regularly. These filters are what provide you clean water and you want to keep the filter updated and keep the filters changed too.

Water filters are usually not that expensive and you can keep a couple of them around the house so that you will have one at your service when you need it urgently to change out the existing filter. How you will know when the filter needs changing is when the water starts to develop a color when it is being filtered. It means that the filter is not removing the unwanted things effectively.

Bottled Water

It Is Filled With Minerals

Bottled water is just as good as filtered water, but since it is manufactured in an industry, it is loaded with different minerals and vitamins which make up for your daily intake. These minerals include calcium, magnesium and zinc, which are very important for your body and they help to nourish your cells and it is great for the skin and hair too. So, bottled water is packed with a healthy punch.

Support The Industry

Bottled water, although it can be expensive, is a great way to support industries and ethical practices. Some industries use very meticulous methods to help provide you with bottled water. It is also considered very bad for the people, since they are using water, a basic commodity, as a way to finance their business. This can be a good or bad thing, but they do keep the industries running and it is a booming business, to say the least. Regardless, people still enjoy bottled water as it is easy to grab and go, and sometimes it is a life saver when you are stuck in a sticky situation

Plastic Bottles Cause Waste

The biggest downside to bottled water is that it uses plastic. Plastic is a hazardous material and it cannot be biodegraded. This material is a waste and it causes a lot of pollution as well. Plastic bottles can add a lot of waste which cannot be recycled or decomposed in a proper way.

This is why there is a huge uproar by many people who don’t want to use plastic water bottles and emphasize the fact to use reusable resources which are better for the environment and the planet. This is a huge debatable topic.


There you have it! Filtered water has more advantages than bottled water. The biggest advantage is that it costs less and another great thing about filtered water is by using it, you’re supporting the environment by reducing plastic waste. Get a whole house water filtration Erie system and save money.

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